The Eurocolumbus C-arm – Alien 3030 Cardio is the only system in the world with variable DFF. This feature allows the free movement of the digital detector, as in fixed angiography and hemodynamic systems, which ensures a true dose reduction without moving the operating table.


  • Active anti-collision systems; they work even if protected with sterile surgical towels
  • Sensitive parts work over the entire surface to ensure safe locking of all rotary movements of the C-arm
  • The C-arm is fully motorized with manual release in case of emergency
  • Possibility to record positions and movement limits to ensure safe projections and time reduction
  • The mechanical parts of the C-arm are guaranteed for 10 years
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SYMBOL (3-15 KW) – GMM

Symbol from GMM is a highly innovative portable C-Arm, with Image Intensifier, for digital fluoroscopy and radiography, providing utmost reliability, operational efficiency and improved workflow.

Workstation with a digital memory

This equipment offers a digital memory workstation that includes: a high resolution dual TFT LCD monitor, single frame and dynamic image storage on the internal HDD, database divided into patient folders, DSA and Roadmap functions, USB and CD/DVD burner, full DICOM connectivity, immediate access for emergency procedures, and password protection.

Imaging Workstation

Any digital DR or RF system can be complemented with an imaging workstation to assist health care professionals in managing their work. This separate unit consists of a PC processor with one or more LCD image displays and can receive the images acquired by the system and store them on a hard disk.

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