Dental Medicine



This equipment is an X-ray digital system that acquires 2D panoramic and cephalometric images of the maxillofacial region.

This panoramic X-ray system uses a CMOS technology based on three main components: an X-ray generator, an X-ray detector and a mechanic system which supports the movements made by the equipment.

RiX70 DC

RiX70 DC is a high frequency dental X-ray unit used to obtain intraoral images, making it possible for dentists to study the inside of teeth and the area below the gum and therefore to evaluate the state of the bone and tissues that support the teeth.

The images obtained with RiX70 DC help dentists to diagnose and treat normal problems such as caries, gum diseases, and some infections. With RiX70 DC only a portion of the mouth is exposed to a small dose of radiation.


3D orthopantomography applies the principle of cone beam computed tomography technology (CBCT) which is based on an X-ray beam with a conic shape to obtain images of the teeth and skull.

This system uses the obtained images together with the imaging software (Trident’s Deep-View) to reconstruct 3D images.

I-View Gold

This intraoral sensor is a digital imaging solution for dental radiology based on CMOS technology (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor). This sensor is a digital image receptor that captures images obtained with an X-ray generator for diagnostic purposes.

Combine I-View Gold with your traditional X-ray generator and obtain incredibly detailed images. Thanks to the most advanced technology, it is possible to reduce the dose of radiation to the patient while obtaining images of the highest quality without any loss of data.

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