Micromil sells pre-owned medical imaging equipment. These are rigourously tested and subjected to quality checks and controls before being placed on the market. This kind of equipment is sold by Micromil under the Green Line brand, with the respective warranty and guarantee of our technical capability to maintain these equipments.

TAC Fluoroscopy system - Remote controlled fluoroscopy system with digital processing
- 65KW Generator
- SRO 33100 X-Ray tube
- 9” Image intensifier
- Options: last image hold, DICOM
Philips Essenta RC

TAC Mammograph Analogic Mammograph with possibility to upgrade to digital with RoseM. GE Senographe DMR+

TAC TAC - Continuous rotation system, with multi-cut axial acquisition capability.
- Multi-cut Helicoidal Tomograph
- X-Ray Generator > 50 kW
- High anodic thermal capacity Ampoule > 5MHU
- Number of cuts: 16
TAC Philips MX16