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PaxeraView Pro – Paxerahealth

PaxeraView PRO is a powerful PACS workstation plus universal web viewer with no plug-in required from Paxerahealth, designed to provide superior performance and speed in the delivery and access of medical images and reports.

PaxeraUltima360 – Paxerahealth

Solve your data management challenges with VNA from Paxerahealth. A highly scalable solution that seamlessly grows with the facility without workflow interruption.

PaxeraUltima – Paxerahealth

A powerful web-based medical viewer from Paxerahealth with a consolidated worklist that offers anywhere, anytime access to varied clinical data – all from a single login.

Image Sharing
CareRad – Paxerahealth

Securely deliver medical images and resports to patients. This solution helps facilities to balance high levels of clinical care with operational efficiency, cut CD/DVD burning expense and deliver top-notch care at the lowest cost.

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