Analogic Radiology
TMS4 – Technix

TMS4 Technix

TMS 4 is the entry-level model of mobile units of Technix. TMS 4 allows the users to rely on a very good performance: its 4 kW,110 kV high frequency generator, together with the extremely light weight, make it suitable for most examinations performed in plaster rooms, emergency and health screenings contexts.

Analogic Radiology
TMS320R – Technix


TMS 320 R is a streamlined and functional mobile unit designed and manufactured by Technix for the acquisition of X-ray images at the bedside or in emergency departments, intensive care units, orthopedics and sports medicine departments. It grants freedom of movement, efficiency to the user and gives the possibility to quickly access the patient areas, reaching also narrow spaces close to the patient’s bed, where it allows an efficient positioning thanks to the rotating arm supporting the monobloc.

TMS320DR – Technix

TMS 320 DR overcomes the need to integrate a rotating arm, as its reduced dimensions permit an easy positioning even between beds and its excellent maneuverability enable to move easily even in narrow corridors or wards with little room to maneuver. 32 kW power and the double-focus X-ray tube allow to capture X-ray images of all body areas with a high level of detail.


Motorized Analogic
TMB320DR, TMB400DR – Technix

TMB is a battery powered mobile x-ray unit which suits a wide range of clinical applications. Its compact size and the integrated motor makes the unit movement smooth and precise. Thanks to telescopic tube arm and swivelling column, TMB is able to easily move even in the hospital’s small rooms. TMB 320/TMB 400 is equipped with a 32kW or 40kW x-ray generator, and it can be used with standard cassette or CR exposures, and TMB 320 DR/TMB 400 DR with digital image acquisition (flat panel detector).

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