MRI / CT / PET Overlays – Medibord

Tampos para RM

Medibord manufacture and supply Radiotherapy Positioning Boards for MRI scanners and other modalities, such as PET, CT, LINAC or combinations of these modalities. They meet the high demands set by the medical sector through sustainable and safe solutions for radiotherapy patient-positioning and immobilisation.

Kuma para GE Signa, RM
Avior P1 para Philips Ingenia
Avior P2 para Philips Achieva
Avior P2X para Philips Ingenuity
Mirak S1 para Siemens Magnetom Skyra and Aera
Mirak S2 para Siemens Magnetom Espree and Excite
Vega para Siemens Biograph

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