Micromil – History

Micromil, S.A. started its activity in 1985, in Lisbon, as a company selling and repairing electrical material. In 1996 Micromil specialized in the Imaging medical service, expanding its activity to a national extent in 2005. In 2007 Micromil changed its premises to the actual Micromil building, in Setúbal, with an area of 2000m², with bays for staging, repairing and demonstration. In 2008 Micromil attained Quality Certification ISO9001:2008, investing strongly in its premises, equipment and trained team.

With more than 30 years of experience providing multi brand services for healthcare in the Medical Imaging area and with the market recognition, Today, Micromil is a credible alternative in a demanding market, normally served by multinational companies.

The concern with qualified professionals, training, innovation and development of organizational methods focused on evolution and constant improvement, have allowed Micromil to obtain strong technical skills that have been the source of the loyalty of its clients and a strong contribution for the success of the business.

In 2019, Micromil has launched two new business areas, Beauty Care, for beauty and aesthetical equipment, and Life Care, for equipment and supplies for medical and hospital facilities.


Micromil obtained the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 from TÜV, in order to provide its clients with a quality control in each work flow process. Quality management is permanently improving and evolving in regard to the process quality. Micromil saw this ISO standard renewed in 2017, assuring the transition to the new standard ISO 9001:2015.

In January 2019 Micromil has also obtained, by APCER, the Quality Certification ISO 13485:2016 to the medical devices industry, which shows Micromil’s ability to supply medical equipment, its parts and accessories, as well as all the associated services of maintenance and repairing of medical equipment, complying consistently with all the applicable regulations and client’s needs.

In June 2020, Micromil also adopted APCER as a certifying entity under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.



Micromil mission is to contribute to better, innovative, effective and high quality healthcare concerning medical imaging. To accomplish this, it develops its activity with the commitment of ability and experience, quality and technological innovation, accuracy and transparency.


Either in prevention, treatment or surveillance, through technological advanced solutions, getting less diagnostic errors or reaching faster results to the healthcare professionals, aiming always the respect and safety of the end users and healthier life.


Micromil's commitment to healthcare professionals, is to ensure through the ability and experience of its technical team, that the equipment is able to give the most reliable diagnosis and provide excellent healthcare.


Micromil’s vision is to be the first choice when choosing a preventive or corrective service concerning multi brand imaging equipment and the obvious alternative in the acquisition of pre-owned equipment compared with the multinational brands in the market, building lasting and trusting relations with each one of our clients.


Micromil´s organizational culture is based on high standards of conduct, on values that we bring daily from our life to our business, always focused on the team, the client and the end user.


– Trust and loyal relationships
– Constant training and improvement
– Team spirit
– Accuracy and ability in the work flow
– Innovation and quality